Hey folks we hope things have been going as good as possible for you in the new reality we are living in right now. We haven’t posted anything in awhile so we figured we would catch you up as quickly as possible.

The shop shut down for quarantine on March 18th and reopened on June 16th. We have some new protocols still in effect until the Health Department changes things. All clients must show up alone and in a mask. Your temperature will be taken and we have new paperwork for you to fill out. If all is right with the world you get tattooed!

Make sure you check out the last part of this post to get some good viewing tips on some tattoo videos since, like us, you are probably running out of decent viewing content on your preferred streaming sites and to find us on social media.

By Chris Blanchard
By DonnDavis

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Chris painting you some new flash
Chris outlined this Shark/Rose morph then Donn came in and added some detailed flourishes and painted it. Come see it and lots of new art on the walls at the studio.

Like most of the country who wasn’t deemed essential we spent our time at home binging streaming tv. But we also got a bunch of art done on top of tweaking our baking and cooking skills.

Rather than dwell on that time we will get down to some good news. The shop has been busy and that means some good stuff for yall to look at.

When we reopened we had lots of returning and new clients waiting to get tattooed and Donn is staying busy working.

Heike Crab by Donn Davis, this is based off the legend of dead warriors from Heike Clan defeated in a sea battle off the coast of Japan. The shell of the crabs began to resemble to faces of dead warriors from the battle.
Hanya by Donn Davis The Hanya mask goes back to the traditional Noh plays in Japan. The oldest mask is dated back to 1558. Hanyas represent both a vengeful and jealous woman but also her sorrow and torment.
Tengu by Donn Davis The DaiTengu is identified by its red skin, long nose, is known for its proud nature and trying to detour people from the path to enlightenment.

Here’s a selection of other tattoos he has done recently. You can click an image and scroll through them for better views.

“Dental Nightmares”

Donn has a new print available for the Holidays in case you don’t know what to get that weirdo in your life. Its 18’x24′ giclee printed, which means the ink will last long after you have passed, it’s on velvet rag paper so its as smooth as the tentacles in the painting look.

The can be picked up at the shop for $60 or shipped rolled in a protective tube for $70 inside the US. If your outside the US and want one email to get shipping prices. Donn@Tattooagogo.com

Scott spent most of his off time bonding with his new puppy Parker but he was more than happy to get back to work and get some fun tattoos done.

Parker showing off his stylish new shirt
He spent much of his quarantine time learning new skateboard tricks
This bad boy can be viewed even during handstands

Ashley loves her cats so much she got them both tattooed on her

Scott painted this Leopard Of Ages during his time off but unfortunately for you it sold almost immediately
Chris has some new designs to see up on the walls of the shop.
See yall again soon!

So we want to thank you for reading this entire blog. Many people have asked us what we think of Ink Master no longer being on the air and our answer is “who?”

While we realize that many people watched the show it wasn’t part of our viewing because I hope most of you know that “reality television” has almost nothing to do with reality. If you are missing seeing some tattooing on your screens we want to suggest you go check out Vice TVs Tattoo Age videos like this one about Texas tattooer Chris Trevino who has tattooed Donn a lot.

In fact we also recommend Gypsy Gentleman Marcus Kuhns series that shows how talented tattooers approach the same subject matter differently.

We will post a few video links every month to give you some entertainment when your not checking out our social media feeds, which happen to be…


Donn Davis: Donn_TAGG

Scott Allen:ScottAllenTattooer

Chris Blanchard:ChrisBlanchardTattoos

If you need to email the shop to contact us we can be reached at info@Tattooagogo.com

we hope to hear from you and see you around the shop sometime soon.

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Hey folks same old same old going on here at Tattooagogo….the HELL it is!

Since mid-March we have been closed like most of the country deemed non-essential so we have been home hunkering down like rabbits in their warren. But unlike the ones in Watership Down we are not going anywhere and will be stronger than ever once we are back in our Dojo.

“Rabbits need dignity and above all the will to accept their fate”

But don’t worry because we have been busy producing lots of new delicious designs for you to choose from when you get to emerge from your cave.

Donn Davis Drew these when not gardening
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