Candy Corn & Ebola

I’ll swallow your soul!

In the words of Ash Williams “Groovy.”

Howdy folks! Unless you were trapped on the planet of the apes we assume y’all were at our recent 5-year birthday bash…if not, ya’ll missed one helluva good time. Durel from Suplecs and Chris Boone from Soul Fiya started things out right, next ‘lil wayne wicked son rocked out with his sock out, then the night ended in a typical Tattooagogo fashion of erotica, but to protect the innocent I’ve been sworn to secrecy. Check out Donn’s time lapse video on Vimeo of the party highlights—we’ll be posting more videos and photos in the weeks to come.


While on his U.S.Tour, rumor from states Ken Cox has really joined a crust punk gang and is spreading the Ebola virus in the form of new shop stickers. To get yours, come stop by the shop. And in Kenny’s absence we’ve recruited two friends to fill in. First, Mat Welch from Live Free Tattoo in Atlanta just finished his hitch. And now Ben Jemison from Old Glory Tattoo in Tallahassee, will be at the shop until the 22nd. Follow them both on Instagram and our #legendsofthevoid posts. And do follow Ken as he changes the NYC pizza minds foreva. 

And we do miss you Kenny, TJ has a new locket to keep you near his heart. Ov course TJ is still #steadyslangin while #candycornbangin in his latest addition of “London After Midnight” which is non-typical for his candy-corn-ass, but he still knocked it out tha park anyway, brah! And how ’bout dat lady love style “Cheetah Baby.” Or the “Panda King” which kicks the Lion King’s ass, ya heard.   

Meanwhile Papa Donn continues to make things pretty with the completion of his tea pot sugar skull and further progress of “Bobafet Samurai” on a real life Storm Trooper Lady. And a koi cover-up piece which looks to be rad-a-tat-tat.  They don’t call him the Cover-Up Master-Blaster for nuttin, pew pew.    

So Hallow’s Eve in near and it’s one of our favorite times of the year. Before you head out trick-or-treatin’ all Norwegian Black Metal and stuff, just remember just because Betty is dressing up like Beyonce doesn’t mean you have to murder her Euronymous style. Play nice and tell them we said so. 

Coming up next post we’ll be doing a feature on Hey! Cafe, on Magazine St. And chatting up details on our contributions for the Star of Texas Tattoo Revival in Austin. So stay tuned or else…

And remember it’s always funny when you’re crazy. Now “let’s head on down into that cellar and carve ourselves a witch…    

-Lard Vader

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