Naughty, naughty, naughty! You filthy old soomka!

There was me, that is Alex (Donn), and my three droogs, that
is Pete (Ken), Georgie (TJ), and Dim (Scott), and we sat in the Korova Milkbar
trying to make up our rassoodocks what to do with the evening… 
He played a better Santa than Ghostbuster
Did you survive your own Griswold Family Xmas Hell? Hopefully
you did. And BTW, Happy Fuggin’ New Year, to all you fellow droogs out there!
Of course the Chinese New Year isn’t until Feb. 19th (Year of the Goat) and is the same week as Mardi Gras, so save your heightened celebration spirit until then.

Houston, we have a problem…we’ll be bypassing your merriness
for your northwest weird cousin, Austin. Dats right, da shop is packing up like
a FEMA trailer to caravan in the guts of the Star of Texas Tattoo Convention. We’ve
been on the edge of orgasmic bliss for months now and can’t wait explode our
creative juices all over the faces of our Texan amigos. So please come stop by
the booth and say hello and/or schedule an apt. with one of us, brah, mucho
gracias. And be on the lookout for the boxing match at the afterparty also. Follow @tattooedgloves for details.

Welcome, Scott, ‘er matey!
We interrupt this program…THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT…with guitar! Know your rights!  On behalf
of the Tattooagogo family, we’d like to ask for a standing ovation welcome to
our newest artist, Scott Allen. Scott is settling in the shop this week and has
already promised to Whip it Good (or maybe he was talking about TJ).
Seriously, we are ecstatic to have him aboard and hope you’ll stop by the shop
to meet him and checkout some of his outstanding work.
“Can ye spare some cutter, me brothers?”

TONIGHT!!! We taking over….
TJ, aka the tramp stamp, continues to #steadyslang the
#ghettobang all the while claiming his call to fame in 2015 will be rapping to
the beat of #whoismrmarrero. Speaking of…tonight (1/6) we are hosting a “Tattooagogo Takeover” at Siberia on St. Claude presenting The Wicked Son & The Price of
Ponies for your listening pleasures (Flyer to left). All of us will be there. So
if you’re a-round, Sport, how ’bout we hang? Gatsby style. Recent work by TJD2 has been a nice bone piece, some crazy-ass spider bear cover-up, and the prettiest swellbo flowery piece I’ve ever laid my dark eyes upon. Word.

Purrrr you, Sons of Anarchy
Ken’s mission for 2015 is to replace the Ebola scare with
political domination of #TEAMACID. If you haven’t climbed aboard the
Mystical-Mighty-Train-of-Oddities, why the fuck not? Ken’s craziness is better
the brown acid from Woodstock and he seals every piece with a magical kiss (mine
came with tongue). But here lately, his majesty, has graced the skin of a chosen
few with beginnings to a gator, a fancy piece, a wicked head tatt on Katie Barbie, along with some crafty prints.
We’d like to give a shoutout to @alimizzle for the Rad-A-Tatt-Ness of the kitty
gang jackets. Ya’ll gotta check this shit out—–>WTF?!

Nothing says love like ribs.
Kicking off the New Year right, Scott got a Hot Ass welcome
from the boys at the shop. Next, on stage left, he did a great lil heart-jammer side piece on a friendly chap. There will be boat loads more fun coming from Scott, so stay
tuned to the shop’s Instagram feed and his page @scottallentattooer. Also, we’ll
be adding his portfolio to the shop’s website soon.

Fear the Reaper, not the Dragon
Donn, aka Alex DeLarge, says 2015 will be a monumental year
and the buzz in the shop is at an all-time high, but maybe that’s because
DaRealDeadBolt used to much lacquer when he cleaned the floors last weekend. In
any case, Donn’s recents have been a Motley tribute piece (for the record I
Shout at the Devil every day at 2:30pm), continued on a dragon-tiger backpiece,
and a space panther redo. He was able to grab a photo of Hanya and yellow
dragon (see right) he did almost a decade ago—still looks new, scratch &

There is a lot to come for 2015. Some stuff so rad, we are
busting at the seams to tell you, but we can’t, because we made a deal with the
Devil. As for other things we can tell you, we’ll be creating a new blog website—a bit more modern, with
more interlinking to our other social media outlets. Lard Vader is also taking
on the task of assembling a shop zine which will feature stories, artwork,
photos, and secret recipes for the old in-out, in-out. And more interviews with a few of our friendly neighbors. So stay tuned…Guess what? I got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell.

Viddy well, little brother. Viddy well,

Lard Vader
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