Put Them in the Iron Maiden

All we are is dust in the wind, dude.

How’s it going, royal ugly dudes?!

Fourscore and…about a month ago we embarked on a most triumphant journey, most are calling it 2015, but considering Ronnie James Dio died in 2010, it’s really year 5 A.D. (After Dio).
If you haven’t started humming Mardi Gras Mambo lately in the shower, put this Meters’ track in loop on every radio and computer you own…

Best Friends


So, yeah, it’s Carnival time, but atlas, we haven’t shutdown shop for festivities just yet (although Ken is the NEW poster boy for Krewe of Glitteratti). Things have been righteous and most excellent from our recent jaunt up to Austin for the Star of Texas convention AND on Feb. 27th we’ll be headed over to San Anjelo, Tejas for the West Texas Tattoo Con. We love our west neighbor aka Cousin It, and to all you rad guys & gals that s’pour us o’er yonder, ya’ll es EXCELLENT!!!

Hav yo broke off a cap of dat website yet, brah? Or in ghetto-fantasy slang—shall ye digz de castle of ir’on work, my lord? Mr. Scott Allen is now in full-effect glamorizing the interwebs with his portfolio of #NOLATraditional with a side of pork-n-beans (tofu also available). Scott is one classy gentleman, shrewd of druid, or just a cool ass dude—yes, yes, yes, why…


Why so serious?

"Bitch, I'm a Soldier."Meanwhile, behind the façade of this innocent-looking bookstore, TJ, aka [Br]Ass Honkey, has been wearing G-strings backwards and drawing lion fishies all the while singing “It’s my number one girl. It’s my number one girl. Where she go? Where she at? That’s my girl, got my back…” Among his bag of tricks there have been some lovely parting gifts (show’em Vanna…) Like dis card piece, a righteous cover-up, one crazy flower skull winged dagger thang, chest breaker, and a ‘lil Love and Trust to fill our hearts with .38 special sauce. And FTW, did you know our #LafiteSlimShady entire real name is “Theophile Jean Claude Xavier Bourgeios, the IV”? Well, it is. Word.   

Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K.

Ken SpiceIf you didn’t get to grab Ken’s ass at the recent Krewe du Vieux, please come by the shop and ask for the Tutu Twerk (that’s also a sandwich). #TeamAcid is currently holding auditions for those worthy to carry the Olympic torch, new designs are electrifying eels of the instaworlds and who doesn’t need a ‘lil Ken tickle once in a while? And on the cool check in, center stage on the mic, Ken’s latest wax is straight-dope like dis roman candle, completed the gator, rocket, snake, acidfication, and last but not fleas, did ya’ll know Ken has a hard cock? There are plenty of others on dat instagram of his and check out his graffiti as well #radtastic #yaheardme.

I’m Your Huckleberry

6f155-10675679_10153630269169816_7957424772733579933_nScott has adjusted to the calming shop nights and back rubs by TJ like a bastard mutt in heat, just a ‘lil thang we like to call #shoplife (soon to be patented Shoplife®). Nonetheless, the Talented Mr. Allen has been rather busy and graced us recently with new work like this shoulder cap, phoenix and police shield, mandala compass, fresh death, and magnolia. We posted a photo of a koi cover-up he did on our Facebook page the other day and it was one of the more popular posts we’ve had in some time. So if you’ve parted ways with that tribal band of yours or that kanji symbol that ended up meaning “ass clown,” come see Scott or any of us to make you something new your momma and Auntee will be proud of.

 You killed Ted, you medieval dickweed!

“Fuck Genghis Khan.” – DaReal DeadBolt

And finally ‘ol Papa Donn is holding down the fort like a sneaky fart in church (albeit Lard Vader’s are more smelly). The gang took a break from the grind and caught a pa-raid in front da shop last week–although it should be noted this photo needs some Scott, Vader and more cowbell (there can never be enough, actually).  In any case, Donn’s been up to his old bag-o-tricks like a gypsy (drawing) then after, some skullage, completed a chest piece/sleeve, and some #NOLAJapanese sure to make all your friends jealous. While at the Star of Texas convention he got a shot of a old piece he did check it here.  And started on some dragoness on our shop matey Deadbolt (see right). Some big projects are A-comin’ as they say stay tuned or stay pruned…     


69, DUDES!


Up & coming, Lard Vader promises to have all these blogs-you-love in a new edition on WordPress. Same content, just formatted more intergalactic planetary for all your social media whore pleasures. We hope all ya’ll have a safe and Happy Mardi Gras. Fuck the police, put your kids on your shoulders like your drunk Uncle did for you growing up while yelling “Throw me sumthin, mista!” And… 


Be excellent to each other,

Lard F. Vader, Esquire

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