Season’s Greetings from the Krampus Krewe!

Shitter was full.

Welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, well it’s been a few weeks and we hope you are all getting settled down for a long winter’s nap. Today is the Winter Solstice, and if you’re not much for the Wild Hunt or offering a sacrifice to the God of Odin, you can settle for listening to Viking Metal (as I am while I type this).

So while ya’ll have been spreading the ultra-violence and Xmas cheer, the shop has been doing what we do best, like tattooing, while rubbing the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again (as recited by TJ aka “Buffalo Bill”). First and foremost we’d like to give a shout out to Black Claw Needles which everyone in the shop has been using lately, Ken said “it’s a game-changer” for him which means #teamacid is about to get even more diabolical, uh-oh. 

We’ve made a few changes to portfolios on the Tattooagogo website and are trying to add some action shots on the Instagram—but ya’ll already knew that since you are such good followers and stuff. We seriously hope you ARE following our weekly updates, because there is lots of great stuff posted AND upcoming for the New Year they’ll be even more changes to our existing social media bag of tricks. Don’t make us send Cousin Eddie & Snot to your house. How ’bout some stocking stuffers for all your friends and foes? We have lovely shop gift certificates that will last longer than Grandma’s pie and prints for sale as well. 

Cheers to Good ‘ol Mississippi Leg Hound

Clark: Can I refill your eggnog for you? Get you something to eat? Drive you out to the middle of nowhere and leave you for dead?

Eddie: Naw, I’m doing just fine, Clark.

HEY AUSTIN, MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!  We’ll be inside your guts on January 16-18th 2015 for the Star of Texas Tattoo Art Revival. When Nola comes to Austin, things really get weirder than the usual weird. 

A Colorful Cock (Ignore the striped panties)

So life in Santa’s workshop of Tattooagogo has been super-duper lately. First up, our very own Elf Buddy, aka TJ, has finally completed his Gangsta Panda, began work on a jaw-dropping Day of the Dead Beauty (seriously this thing is so fucking rad!!), and a colorful cock (as seen to right—->). One of TJ’s customers made the cover of New Orleans magazine, look for it on newsstands or at your local bodega. And who said TJ isn’t in touch with his feminine {hygiene} side? Check out this Lisa Frank-esque piece he finished and some shark–foo action waaaaaazzzzzz-upppp!!! I only have one question left #whoistherealmrmarrero ?


Where Eagles Dare

Pappa Donn, aka King Krampus, the dark companion of St. Nicholas, has taken full reights to #steadyslangin with his devillocks of #headbangin and continues to twerk needles into masterpieces with the recent beginnings of Disney villains, a lil goreness, and a side-step from his usual norm with a watercolor elephant piece.  Ol’ Matt C. (whose life is based on the TV show Swamp People) showed up for continuation of his eagle sleeve (<—-as seen to left), and Donn re-discovered this old photo goodie of a heikecrab not related to the samurai that smell of sunflowers of Champloo.          

The Sailor Beware

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Lard Vader has joined the great ranks of #teamacid with a celebrative piece of dyer consequences by Prince of Ponies, aka The Ken. In the spirit of Xmas capitalism, I’m allowing for one lick for one dollar on this mighty beauty I call “Ultralicious.” Lord Ken has graced your eyes with gansta-like kung-fu freshness on pieces like scorpion, TeamAcid telephoneTime Waits for No Onetrippy bunny, and the AMAZING Sailor Beware arm sleeve (as seen to right—->).   And when was the last time you checked out some of Ken’s artwork like his latest flash designs and sign paintings “Ya Ma & Dem!” and “Where Y’At?” straight-up graffiti style with a southern twist. Better than any shit you’ll find in the quarter fo-sho!!!  

Brotherly Love is our Lard Marley & Bob Vader

In closing, when we’re not wearing corpse paint for our day jobs, we do have families and shit, so with that said we hope all of ya’ll have a merry fucking Xmas, Happy Festivus, Hanukkah, or whatever you celebrate. Family is the reason for the season (to us), all you motherfuckers’ are a part of our family, and even dat social media circle too. Season’s Greetings from all of us at Tattooagogo, we love ya’ll (even you bastards that hangout way in the back). See you on the flip side, aka 2015, or Year of the GOAT !!! \m/ 

Keep the change you filthy animal,
Lard Vader

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