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Donn, aka The Dude

Buy one Axe of Death and get another FREE!

Hi-Ho, we’re off to work you know…phirff phriff phriff-phroo…hope ya’ll are getting into the festive holiday spirit cuz’ we sure are. While Donn is off spreading terror among Mickey & friends, the shop remains in full effect. And what better way to get a jump on Black Metal Friday than stopping by the shop for all your favorite holiday goodies. Like Tattooagogo gift certificates, our newest shop shirt, and autographed prints by TJ & Ken.   

We’re going streaking…our boys Ken and Matt had recent birthdays, and Lard Vader’s will be next month. BTW, we may not blog/brag a lot on our shop boy Matt, but he is truly the life of every banana party. Speaking of parties, mark your calendars for the Star of Texas tattoo convention—if us being there isn’t enough to get your panties wet & sticky, it’s in Austin, Texas, so you can get as weird as you like. So we hope to see you there January 16-18th in 2015, stop by our booth and we’ll give you a free spin on the pentagram wheel of fortune. And last but not least, thanks to all our visiting artists recently that filled the shop with glee while Ken was out on his #Nolamacklemoretour.

As for shop news, Donn got a glimpse of a tattoo he did over 10 years ago. And there’s one session to go in his amazing geisha sleeve. He recently started Yokai and Gator leg sleeves and got a healed shot on a Day of the Dead half-sleeve (left).

TJ continues to appease all his upscale fanbase, he’s no NolaMacklemore, but he still knows how to put the “Rico” back in “Suave.”  His recents include a wicked octopus chest piece and a pretty dead lady. And progress is progress with his koi sleeve and a clownfish and sunken ship piece.     

Meanwhile every teenage girl in the metro New Orleans area has replaced their One Direction posters with Flashy Ken straddling a rocket (right). The don’t grow smiles like that satsuma trees. Orange you glad #teamacid is still cranking out the hits with crowd pleasers like a Jensen dragon, all healed-up eagle, and Captain Ron? And be on the lookout for more #teamacid creations and #allthewaybeyonce selfies. Rumor mill reports something new on Lard Vader too.

And with that, we’ll top our thinking hats to all of you, as we are most thankful for the raddest customers and great friends. Lots more to come, of course, but for the meantime just remember…nobody fucks with the Jesus.

Gobble Gobble Hey,
Lard Vader

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