Back off Warchild, seriously.


We are the Ex-Presidents, and we need just a few moments of your time…

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, the Spring Equinox has arrived and with Old Man Winter screaming “Get off my lawn” we, the Tattooagogo crew, have something cooking so good you’ll think of warm baked cookies and sweet farts while driving down Airline Highway. So krank up the Tirefire (WARNING: this video may result in arrest) and let’s get this blog party started, Johnny Utah style—“Vaya con Dios, Brah.”

Papa Donn and TJ da Magnificent returned from their West Texas Tattoo Convention roadtrip, of course upon arriving  all hell froze over (literally), not that you’d expect anything less than a money shot on Cinemax. Yet, twas a kick-ass show, even with no cago en tu leche. Nonetheless, our San Angleo homies treated us great from Mariachi band entertainment to tattoos done-did on old podnas.

@inkdupshawdee666 she's a killer dynamite with a laser beam

@inkdupshawdee666 ‘s a Killer Queen Gunpowder, gelatine. Dynamite with a laser beam.

Well we’re movin’ on up, to the east side (well, actually we were there already) but with a NEW SHOP SHIRT! Psst, click on right stage–> as our shop model @inkdupshawdee666 salutes you (eye socket possession not included). Stop on by da shop for yours today, $20 in person, or $25 shipped with a sprinkle of unicorn dust via PayPal to

BTW, wutcha think of da new blog format, brah? We double-dog DARE YOU!!! to comment below and give us feedback. Else we’ll have to send Deadbolt out to collect your head or $200 if you pass Go. Seriously, we hope you like dis, cuz we dew, and peer pressure is like those skid marks in yo droz dat won’t wash out.

"You want me so bad, its like acid in your mouth."

“You want me so bad, its like acid in your mouth.”

TJ has been busier than prunes & loose bowels, perfecting his Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique and has recently been cast as the new Morgus Presents. All the while still bustin’ out da jams to “I’m going be the most popular girl…” Yet, somewhere between Marrero (and his tent under the Pontchartrain Expressway), he’s managed to rock out a few beauts like a dutch clog boat, Jared’s eela wasp, feather, Nikki’s mandala, Johnny Cash piece, and a Sea-Bee tat from a year ago. He’s dreamy, like a wet dream, only wetter.

Shake ya ass, but watch yourself.

Our boy Kenny is putting the K back in Kool and the Gang taking #teamacid to new levels of the funkadelic (without the Mothership Connection). Ken is teaming up with @DefendNOLA for some gov’t secret, I could tell ya, but then you’d have to blow me & stuff.  J/k,–seriously, expect some merch of the 3rd kind in the near-distant future. Like the kind stuff you can compliment your Prada rags with, stay tuned…In the meantime, did you catch our write-up on our cross country cycling friend Mattie stop by da shop? She got a cool cog, and Ken’s other work as of late includes an awesome snake-girly piece on TJ’s main squeeze, completed okra/creole/tomatoes half sleeve, start on a UNICORN half sleeve, moon & scapes, and a 2001 Odyssey themed half sleeve!!!  Everybody knows that the Bird is the word.

Scott Allen for Prom King.

Scott Allen for Prom King.

Scott Allen continues to adjust to Tattooagogo knighthood of irregular drum beats or sounds of TJ having the squirts coming from the shop bathroom. The hits are climbing up Casey’s Top 40 even though he’s off air (I liked Rick Dees-Nuts better anyway).  Latest installments from Mr. Allen’s neighborhood is a swallow and keys piece (<—see left), a oyster, fleur-de-lis & swallow, paved with good intentions,  Veve for Baron Samedi, and a few others you’ll have to check his portfolio to see. And be on the lookout for more action shots on da insta and dat facebook cuz ya’ll know ya’ll like it. We stalk you too.

Chrys Brasi sleeps with the fishes.

Chrys Brasi sleeps with the fishes.

Bodhi Donn is leading our PBS Ex-Presidents Telathon with 17 backs scrubbed in three months – or anything to catch the perfect wave (cut me some slack, Point Break only had so many good lines). I could tell you more, but just know it’s hard work finding parking spots on Magazine Street on Sunday afternoons, worshiping the Dark Lord, and sometimes Hollie doesn’t cook dinner.  Nonetheless, Donn has begun some substantial projects with more in the queue. He recently finished Jared’s koi half-sleeve, got more work done on Dave’s back piece, put in some Texas cred at the convention, snake action, disappearing gecko (it’s only cool with a Aussie accent), and got a healed shot of a dragon-lotus sleeve. And within the last few days got some practice with lining to brushes. There are more things in the queue for the shop and all ya’ll too, so you’ll just have to sweat it out and stay tuned for more—you’ll be glad you did, we promise 😉

That about does it for this month’s edition, we hope all ya’ll are ready for summer and the fun in da sun dats a’cummin. Stop on by and tell us hello, or if far-reached, drop us a line here or there.

100% pure adrenaline (or just a Sith Lord of the 9th Ward),
Lard Vader


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