Falling Down. . .

"Clear a path, you motherfucker! Clear a path! I'm going home!"

“Clear a path, you motherfucker!”

"Heart of the South" by Matt Welch

“Heart of the South” by Matt Welch

SO…the temps are falling down a tad and we are getting all sauced up for the candy-corny season. October brings out the pimple-faced kid in all of us, except TJ, he’s  too sophisticated for good ‘ol fashioned fun.  First and foremost we’d like to thank the TEN Gallery and all those who showed up for our Takeover Party a few weeks ago!!! TANK YA, TANK YA, THANK YA’LL!!!  Twas a great time had by all (except yo fuckers that never show up for anything, WTF?!) AND…you can still go by the gallery and checkout the artwork until the end of the month. So wut u waitin’ 4, brah?!

AND…THERE’S MORE!!! “Vanna, show them what they’ve won!!” On Oct. 3rd we’re having a “Moving Party” in lieu of the Art for Art Sake—where we’ll be moving all the artwork from across da street into da shop. Come & see us, we’ll kick-off da party 6 or 7ish and we’ll dance with the devil under the pale moonlight. There will be blood, food, booze, and witchcraft entertainment (i.e., a typical Tattooagogo cordial evening).  So Come on Down, brah…

Eagle coverup by TJ

Eagle coverup by TJ

As for happenings around da shop, there have been many, many, fo-fenny—but we only have time 2 discuss a few, dis round. Peek-atcha, Matt Welch, insta for a look at some of his amazeballin’ artwork like progress on a eagle chestplate & creepy death hand. And checka Scott Allen‘s page with some of #NOLATraditional finest art like a shark & bottle and sum kracken action. When Kenny’s not tripin’ egg-rolls, he’s knocking da fucks out like dis incredible Cuba tribute &  wicked hour glass straight-up #teamacid stylin’.  Toefeel been boogerin’ his west-bank-stank on a lucky few, peep his insta for da spellbound masta secrets and see a few like this ganesha rib piece and dalek half-sleeve, EXTERMINATE. . .HOE! And last, but not least, Papa Donn, be rippin’ the best like a one-legged stripper peep show at a David Vitter rally—recent works like this Jorōgumo  & owl w/key.

"Cabinet of Tattoo Secrets"

“Cabinet of Tattoo Secrets”

We’d like to give special thanks to our friend Matt McCoid who recently built an awesome cabinet for the shop. The photo (left) does little justice, and you really should come by the shop and take a peak at this masterpiece—It’s STUNNING, to say the least. A variety of wood spieces: Wenge, Makore, Cumaru, Morado, Bloodwood, Ipe, Hickory, Jatoba, Zebra Wood, Purple Heart, White Oaks, and Black Walnut.

Stay tuned for our annual bag-o-treats, Halloween blog post—complete with all the goodies you’d expect, black metal memes, horror movie tributes, and Tirefire reference (doesn’t everyone listen to “Sideswiped by the Antichrist” in the morning?)

“Bad news. Your little car’s gonna drown. And you’re gonna die, wearing that stupid hat. How does it feel?”
-Lard Vader

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