Not Bad Friday


“Shhh…Be vewy vewy quiet. I’m hunting wabbits.” – Deadbolt J Fudd

Greetings fellow earthlings, how y’all doin’ on this Not Bad Friday? Things amongst Tattooagogo shop & crew are swelly-well, and before I blow the money shot of oozing artwork, let me moonwalk a few stains of juicy gossip, so you can share with all the gals at da beauty shop. First things first, Donn & TJ are out visiting our Tejas vatos in H-Town for the Houston Tattoo Extravaganza. If you’re in the mood & hood, stop by and whip it out for dem. Our boyz Donn & Matt recently had birthdays—so next time you see dem make sure to ask them their respected age, then pull their pants down to commence a good ‘ol fashion ass whooping with bare hand (Matt likes reach-arounds too).  BTW, if you missed it, our very own TJ & Donn made the list for THE 10 BEST TATTOO ARTISTS IN NEW ORLEANS! Quite impressive, even for the bottom feeders dey be, huh brah? TJ’s been playing a few Wicked Son gigs lately follow him on Insta for upcoming dates & info. Also Kenny’s been featured at the recent Buku Fest, check his craziness out and other street art on his insta.

On to our featured presentation…being Easter and all, I thought it might be fun to represent each of the guys as some form of rabbit (wabbit, to you non-speaking R’s). With the obvious from above, Deadbolt J Fudd, as our hunter of dem ‘lil rascals. So without further adieu,,,

Christmas Story bunny suit

Ralphy IV

TJ’s been nighty-might busy lately with a grab bag assortment of Gris-Gris doses to cure your worse heebie-jeebies or can just as easy put a spell on your crazy Aunt Ida. His recent pieces are Large like Marge and quite spectacular as I can’t even find the right pun to introduce it, so I shalln’t. Check out his bloodbath sleeve, progress on a lady head, healed shot on a timepiece, outline on a anchor rib piece,  Life’s a Beach head tattoo, an incredible Lammergier eagle rib piece,  wicked chest plate, wolf forearm, colorful dragon tattoo, da snake, a skull fish, Big Trouble in Little China piece —Wut-wut?!?! And more, like back progress on our boi Darren, Samurai sleeve,  beginnings of fudog chestplates, AND one more session to go on this amazeballs gorilla back piece!!!   Flaunt it cuz you can, brahz.




Jessica “Matt” Rabbit

Next up, Matt Welch, the real Steely Dan, is putting the red back in bedhead. And now that winter hibernation is over, you should comb-over like Trump, and stop by da shop and take a spin on his Happy Days…(Deadbolt says it’s Cool & Fonz approved).   I’ll first point ya over to Matt’s Insta just in case I miss sumthin’, but to name a few of his classic so-fresh style like this Miles handshake, progress on da toefeel,  hinge in the ditch, lil corazon, keyhole skull he did at the West Texas Tattoo Convention–along with a lotus, drunk octopus, Baphomet \m/, and back in Nola it’s more like dis darkmark piece, garaboros, outline of a witchey lady,  eagle forearm, black & grey detail piece, lion on the thigh outline, along with some bitchin flash sheets you should checkout like this and that one. Ain’t no shame in his game, ya heard?



Mad Hatter Scott

SCOTT ALLEN IS GOING TO PRISON!!! (And he killed man just to watch him die.) Along with his Folsom Prison Blues, he’ll be attending Ink in the Clink at the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, OH on July 15-17. For the meantime, he’s enjoying conjugal visits from customers while puttin’ on the Ritz like a space filler snake, with rattler, Cramps themed sheet, ditch panther, arrow gap filler on the infamous Steve WhatStyle, balloon brain weirdness, and healed shot of a Navy ship tribute (nice ‘ol pasty Vader leg).

Onto the Kenny, he’s been rolling egg rolls & butt holes better than Subway Jared (bad joke, I know). Anywhooz, his


Bowl full of Kenny-goodness

majesty has been vewy vewy busy keepin’ up da food truck by day & night and still managing to decorate skin, walls, and any place else that will host his seed. Like this classic Mom-o jammer, Oh well knuckles, At All Cost, pyramid, Maneki-neko, gorilla head, rougarou, flashback to 2009, healed & hairy, teamacid neck tattoo, classic Love, Homeward Bound, fancy lettering he did at the West Texas Tattoo Convention (with Matt Welch), and a healed shot of a lovely lady. Along with two of my favs some “Carbon. Eagle. Nautilus. Classic.” and “Arachnosferatu.” Of course plenty of new #teamacid flash and more flash and more. As Kenny says, “fight the power and marry the flower.”

[DONN]IE DARKO from Tattooagogo New Orleans on Vimeo.

And we bid the end of our blog journey farewell with our very own Donn[ie] Darko, bet you never put the association of Frank with Donn (as seen above in this short video clip). But isn’t it strange how Donn is always talking about the world ending…?  “2 hours, 42 minutes, 12 seconds…” Or maybe he only does that while he tattoos me…in any case, Mr. Darko has been righteously busy with new back piece outlines, scales for a day, or dragon with cherry blossoms, leg flame action, more scales,  black & grey evilness (insert laugh), samurai & peony sleeve, lil rib mouse action, classic one-shot bird & roses, dragon head on ribs outline, a SHRIMPAGATOR!!! da-fuck?!!  More cover-ups,  and plenty of other stuff oh hiz insta. Check it out, yo!

So, let’s make the most of this beautiful day.
Since we’re together we might as well say:
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?
Won’t you be my neighbor?
Won’t you please,
Won’t you…please?
Please won’t you be my neighbor?

Happy Easter, you filthy animals,


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