Falling Down. . .

"Clear a path, you motherfucker! Clear a path! I'm going home!"

“Clear a path, you motherfucker!”

"Heart of the South" by Matt Welch

“Heart of the South” by Matt Welch

SO…the temps are falling down a tad and we are getting all sauced up for the candy-corny season. October brings out the pimple-faced kid in all of us, except TJ, he’s  too sophisticated for good ‘ol fashioned fun.  First and foremost we’d like to thank the TEN Gallery and all those who showed up for our Takeover Party a few weeks ago!!! TANK YA, TANK YA, THANK YA’LL!!!  Twas a great time had by all (except yo fuckers that never show up for anything, WTF?!) AND…you can still go by the gallery and checkout the artwork until the end of the month. So wut u waitin’ 4, brah?!

AND…THERE’S MORE!!! “Vanna, show them what they’ve won!!” On Oct. 3rd we’re having a “Moving Party” in lieu of the Art for Art Sake—where we’ll be moving all the artwork from across da street into da shop. Come & see us, we’ll kick-off da party 6 or 7ish and we’ll dance with the devil under the pale moonlight. There will be blood, food, booze, and witchcraft entertainment (i.e., a typical Tattooagogo cordial evening).  So Come on Down, brah…

Eagle coverup by TJ

Eagle coverup by TJ

As for happenings around da shop, there have been many, many, fo-fenny—but we only have time 2 discuss a few, dis round. Peek-atcha, Matt Welch, insta for a look at some of his amazeballin’ artwork like progress on a eagle chestplate & creepy death hand. And checka Scott Allen‘s page with some of #NOLATraditional finest art like a shark & bottle and sum kracken action. When Kenny’s not tripin’ egg-rolls, he’s knocking da fucks out like dis incredible Cuba tribute &  wicked hour glass straight-up #teamacid stylin’.  Toefeel been boogerin’ his west-bank-stank on a lucky few, peep his insta for da spellbound masta secrets and see a few like this ganesha rib piece and dalek half-sleeve, EXTERMINATE. . .HOE! And last, but not least, Papa Donn, be rippin’ the best like a one-legged stripper peep show at a David Vitter rally—recent works like this Jorōgumo  & owl w/key.

"Cabinet of Tattoo Secrets"

“Cabinet of Tattoo Secrets”

We’d like to give special thanks to our friend Matt McCoid who recently built an awesome cabinet for the shop. The photo (left) does little justice, and you really should come by the shop and take a peak at this masterpiece—It’s STUNNING, to say the least. A variety of wood spieces: Wenge, Makore, Cumaru, Morado, Bloodwood, Ipe, Hickory, Jatoba, Zebra Wood, Purple Heart, White Oaks, and Black Walnut.

Stay tuned for our annual bag-o-treats, Halloween blog post—complete with all the goodies you’d expect, black metal memes, horror movie tributes, and Tirefire reference (doesn’t everyone listen to “Sideswiped by the Antichrist” in the morning?)

“Bad news. Your little car’s gonna drown. And you’re gonna die, wearing that stupid hat. How does it feel?”
-Lard Vader

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Hey batta, batta, batta…suhwing, batta


Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

You are now about to witness the strength of Magazine Street knowledge…

♪♬ ♪ Straight outta Chalmette, crazy motherfucker named Dead Bolt, from the gang called Nuggetz With Attitudes… Dats right folks, we back in full–forizzle effect. So grab a fresh set of batteries and strap one on, it’s going to be another wyld azz ride.

Ahem, “ATTENTION ON DECK!” The Colonel Matthew A. Welch is now residing at Tattooagogo! Let’s give him a warm & juicy welcome (tongue optional) in joining our ‘lil fresh beat band.  Matt reigns from Atlanta (but he’s no dirty bird) he’s been a frequent guest artist at da shop for the last 3 years—He will now be tattooing wit us full-time. So for appts., inquiries, and stanky leg with Matt, fleas call da shop @ 504.899.8229, ya heard?

Be there or be dare.

Be there or be dare.

In other news, unless you’re an elf reading this from Santa’s workshop on the North Pole, it be hot azz fuck outchea. Some say it’s “hotter than balls” but I prefer saying “it’s August, betch.” Not to worry tho, coolishness is on da way with our TATTOOAGOGO TAKEOVER!!!  Starting on Saturday, Sept. 5th, until the end of the month, we’ll have an assortment of cool, cool, cool artwork—all NEW & RAD work displayed at The TEN Gallery (event details here). With a special Grand Opening Parteah from 6-9pm on Saturday (9/5), with exotic beverages, food, and entertainment. So come on down, da price is right, bitch (aka FREE), and yo can check out the “art” at other galleries down da street too. It’ll be like da Art Crawl from Bob’s Burgers (without all the anus, well, you never know Uptown…)

Ed Rooney: Les jeux sont faits. Translation: the game is up. Your ass is mine.

All things, for mah pretty.

All things, for mah pretty.

Seasons don’t fear the reaper…come on baby…don’t fear ToeFeel’s Creeper. Da Wicked Son aims to please and tease with a lil anal-ease (now in cherry flavor!) When he’s not center stage flickin’ da booger-blues, yo boi continues adding hits to his solid gold dancer artsinal. A few recent picks from his insta feed shows he’s been busy with gigs, a conv. in San Angleo, rad-a-tat-tat artwork, complete with a new music video better than anything on MTV for last 30 years. Meanwhile, he’s recently completed a pretty apple branch back piece, a flowery arm piece (photo-bombed by Scott!), a skull anchor, cover-up eagle sleeve, vibrant lotus flower, sum silliness on our boy Jon, and made some progress on a Día de Muertos lady back piece. Too many to summarize here, so holla at ’em on da Insta-Mah-Gram (tastes like graham without da cracka).

Grace: Oh, he’s very popular, Ed. The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wastoids, dweebies, dickheads – they all adore him. They think he’s a righteous dude.

Another proud wearer of #TeamAcid

Another proud wearer of #TeamAcid

Kenny da Pooh is fresh out of honey and on da search for blood. He’s like that other Anne Rice vampire that doesn’t have a cool name of Lestat. But he’ll still spoon wit ya, if you scratch his belly and whisper in his earYou’re the sexiest ‘Team Acid’ man alive…” And when he’s not Leggo my Eggo-rollin’ he’s spreading his muffin tops of #TeamAcid across the entire universe (now we just have to figure out what to do with all those stumps). But for the meantime, Ken keeps wankin out his hits like a pair of cupcakes for some German tourists, a Team Acid fleur de lis, finished the mushroom wizard on our buddy Jon,  a Tibetan scroll box,  a voodoo doll (without the hex), pair of shrooms, not to mention several radtastic pieces of artwork like this one or others on his insta-feed. Also be sure to checkout Ken’s artwork and follow the Electric Eggroll foodtruck page, mighty cool, except now I’m hungry…

Garage Attendant: You fellas have nothing to worry about. I’m a professional.

Ti-pee not included

Ti-pee not included

Scott Allen’s been as steady as she blows, or at least that’s what he says anyway. Not that she’s a he or he’s a she, well, probably not, but not that there’s anything wrong with that. But the man with two first names is still makin’ all things pretty lately or whatever evil you may beckon to his call for. As of late, da puppet master, has done some unique paintings (this is just one of several on his insta-feed), along with a lil henna/mandala piece and a eye-seeing mandala, and sharp looking Indian maiden as seen left. Recently Scott had a birthday and has hit the beach more than Darryl Hanna in Splash. He might be part-mermaid, part-sea creature actually. I guess it’s a good thing he has so many Hawaiian shirts (he can loan some to Matt too).  Checkout Scott along with the rest of the gang straight mother fuckin’ #NOLATraditional work, all of our righteous own branding.

Ed Rooney: I did not achieve this position in life by having some snot-nosed punk leave my cheese out in the wind.

Jorōgumo by Donn

Jorōgumo by Donn

Last on da 5-course meal at Tattooagogo, Papa Donn is busting fishy farts sweeter than Aunt Mae’s potpourri or just giving us nightmares of our brown acid days. {***Seriously, don’t click that link if you’re on LSD} There are too many ongoing projects of Donn’s to summarize, so give yourself a handsome reach-around and go checka his insta-feed (and there may or may not be photos of sum biscuits too). A koi & lotus sleeve has begun, a chesty lady from a great client, another perfect cover-up, more progress on Shoki the demon queller, vanished another armband with an amazing koi sleeve cover-up, and a owl and snake half sleeve. BTW, there’s always something new happening from Donn & da crew in da #NOLAJapanese hashtag on Instagram & Facebook so make sure you check out our creative wizardry. And if we catch you using our hashtags, we’ll send over Deadbolt with a brick.

…STAY TUNED for more details on upcoming blog posts’ and news for da shop’s 6th anniversary party coming soon in the Orange Goblin month of October, coinciding with Art for Art Sake, and in typical Tattooagogo fashion, of excess food carnage, booze, live music, and virgin sacrifice. Bring your better-half, kids, and stuff. We’ll have more artwork from Matt Welch updated on da website soon. Along with plenty of other stuff we deem non-impotent an’ shit on da Facebook & Instagram. Until then, keep it on da B-side, brah.

You killed the car,
Lard Vader

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Fast Times at Tattooagogo


“I think I just came… didn’t you feel it?”

HIYA, folks! It’s summertime and it’s HOT like FIYA!!! So dang hot in fact, ya’ll might just find Ken or TJ passed out in front da shop after nights of dancing naked in da streets like they were Rerun from What’s Happening!!  (Or just imagine Shirley twerkin…)

SOLOLOLO…it’s been a while since we last posted, and first-things-first we’d like to give a special-sauce HAPPY B-DAY shout out to our shop boi Deadbolt!!! And since we found a extra-special spot for him in our Ridgemont tribute poster (above) as Linda Barrett, it’s only appropriate to show younger readers what they missed in every boys fantasy of 1982 on slow-mo loop. Yeah, you’re welcome, young Jedi, you’re welcome.

Frap You, Betch!

Frap You, betch!

On this month’s episode of Good Times at da shop, we be puttin’ the dyno back in mite. Straight-up Luther Vandross-style all Here and Now-like, deez playas have been cranking out da jams so phat, we ’bout to have a spot on Q93 real soon! Scott and Donn recently returned from the Alamo City Tattoo Expo in San Antonio, where they were rumored to start a new Spanish revolution upon knocking out a few mofos (as seen here). Donn gotts to complete an awesome tiger piece while Scott made a few hombres famous…   Yeeha, Jester’s dead!!!

Stacy Hamilton: When a guy has an orgasm, how much comes out?
Linda Barrett: A quart or so.

Free Birdin'

Free Birdin’ by Ken Cox

Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell a fart of rose-rum. Jah-Boi, Kenny da Pooh, has been adding sum CAY-ENNE in da art of Skin-Fu. The former leader of the NOLA Macklemore Reich, has spent most of his time twerkin’ needle smiles into his special clientele. In his bag-o-tricks lately, he’s added an insane warrior cover-up, sum intricate beauty-stuff (not even sure what to call it),  progress on a wicked-eyed bearded thing (#teamacid at it’s best!), lighthouse for Grandpa Ed, a snake & beauty, the awesome free birdin’ piece (as seen to left), and one of my favs–>a schooner ship straight-up #NOLATraditional, betch! Along with deez, Ken has a W-I-D-E assortment of other pieces and crafty art posted on his Insta page, PUH-LEEZ give it your undivided attention. Tank-ya, sha.

Mike Damone: You are a wuss: part wimp, and part pussy.



He’s half-man, half-wampus cat, and if you feed him turducken he’ll square dance better than your fat Aunt Sally until the sun comes up…our boi, Toefeel, is straight-up splaying his organic seed across the Crescent City better than a 3PM thunderhead Zit. And if you don’t believe me, I dare yo to take a sneak-peak at his Insta page and take a look at some of these beauts–cuz I jus don’t have da words and space to give them the recognition they deserve fo real! But to just name a few, he recently got to finish Brandon’s sleeve, started a mermaid, made progress on a koi sleeve, finished a woolfy, and began a magical back piece which there a bunch of pics/videos/artwork on his insta page. Lastly the arm piece (as seen above) is TJ at his best, jus a lil bit country and a lotta rock-n-roll, wee doggy! Another #NOLATraditional gangsta, brah.

Desmond: That kid’s been stoned since the third grade.

Black Cat by Scott Allen

Black Cat by Scott Allen

Super Scott Allen spends his nights fighting goons on the dark streets of NOLA and by day…he’s just an eccentric artist, drawing pics of ballsack 8-legged creatures (soon to have it’s first movie appearance on the Human Centipede III).  He may not wear a cape, but there is a cold war of Hawaiian shirts happening between he and Lard Vader soon to meet it’s doom (or whoever out bids the other on eBay!) When he’s not singing the Oscar Mayer song he’s getting crafty in da shop with things like a rib piece sugar skull, makin waves, eye for gator, mermaid head, got started on a Indian maiden head, and just in time for those 4th of July firecrackers you throw on your neighbors carport (as seen above) some more #NOLATraditional black cat action. Meeeooow, purring like the pussy you love to pet.

Spicoli: All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I’m fine.

I-10 Tiger by Donn Davis

I-10 Tiger by Donn Davis

Lately Donn’s work has been more like a Fun House full of bearded lady strippers. Or maybe you can just imagine TJ naked pulling his sack up like a bird’s beak (with a nest on top). There’s been quite a lot of action since we last posted (not just back door kind either), so I’ll have to divert you to his insta page also so you can learn the ways of his dark arts with a side of funnel cake. In the meantime, I’ll briefly touch on a pew pew like this koi cover-up, background on a dragon half-sleeve, menpo hand tattoo, yet another dragon sleeve, hanya chest plate, pretty flowers for more kids, fresh snake, a corn poppy on the inside arm, and lastly Donn said in a recent post “some of ya’ll might remember the Freeway Panther, well this (as seen above) is the I-10 Tiger!!!” Rounding us out for the knock-out punch #NOLAJapanese, AND…he’s OUT!

And last but not fleas, our brutha from another mutha (fucka), Mat Welch (Live Free Tattoo) will be visiting the shop from July 9th thru 14th. Come’on by and let him show you his Jimmy Leg Dance…..

People on ‘ludes should not drive,
Lard Vader


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Electric Boogaloo


“You’re the Loser, Punk!”

So it seems like the apocalypse is here with trains derailing off the Huey P. and Bob Breck’s toupee flew off and sailed across Lake Pontchartrain. Yet, at Tattooagogo, we’re still open, makin’ dreams cum true from 12 to 8pm. Seems as though Nola has forgotten about a lil thunderstorm we had a few years back called, Katrina. But I guess the media can only report good news like riots, earthquakes, and Jindal’s budget cuts for so long.

Van Damn

Van, Damn!

It’s been about a month or so since we’ve given you our branding iron of good news from da shop. And just like the summer thunderstorms, things are flaring up (along with TJ’s hemorrhoids). But don’t digress, our loverboy, Kenny, now has a monthly gig at The Saint, Raw Power Wednesday—where the Prince of Pony’s party is better than a TKO crew vs. Eletric Rock dance battle. Before they had Glocks & Uzis in the da hood, they used to dance combat to Ice-T’s rap.

The Swole Gimp

“My schwartz is bigger than yours.”

Wuz dat? You still haven’t brought your
sweet-cupcake-ass to da shop for your NEW SHOP SHIRT? I guess it’s time we bring out the gimp, as our shop troll—->, Deadbolt, is itchin’ to get all swole up on your ass. Just remember, you gotta pay the toll troll if you wanna get into that boy’s hole. Seriously, you should stop by for yours today, $20 in person, or $25 shipped with secret decoder rings we’ve been saving from Cracker Jack prizes since ’82. Order from the privacy of your own home via PayPal to info@tattooagogo.com and we won’t tell anyone you did.

If you haven’t been following our FB & Insta posts (of course, I know if you’re reading this, ya’ll are all loyal subscribers, right?!) we’ve been featuring a lot of work of Mr. Scott Allen. Some recent pieces of his is a black & grey magnolia piece, a crow cover-up, some circulatory anatomy action, clipper ship, and a moon face half-sleeve. Make sure to check out #NOLATraditional on social networks to see a lot more of Scott’s work along with the rest of da shop, brah!

The Baron

A tribute to a family mystery

Adrian, a recent customer of Scott, had a interesting story to tell about his grandmother, who died in 1996 and was a devoted Catholic all of her life. He and his siblings were cleaning out her house after her death and found bags of human hair, bags of chicken bones, necklaces made of bones, and photographs of dead relatives in their coffins (exhumed).  They had a “oh shit” moment realizing their grandmother was actually into voodoo, which on several levels falls in line with Catholicism.  In retrospect of all this, Adrian decided to get a tattoo as a shout out to his grandmother and the life she lived behind closed doors. (As seen to the left) the tomb in the background “Thiroux” is his family tomb, which dates back to the 18th century in St. Louis Cemetery on Esplanade Ave where his family is buried.  Adrian felt a connection to Baron Samedi (a Loa of the dead) as he loves to party, has a unique sense of humor, and is bluntly honest with people. The Baron teaches that life is too short to be unhappy and we must celebrate life. So Adrian’s Baron tattoo will help him reconnect with those who have gone before him. Very rad story and thanks for sharing, Adrian!

Soldier Salute

Soldier Salute

TJ, our knight in shining armor, has been Mike Tyson knocking out the competition with his gentle battering eyes and abracadabra magic artwork to make any granny panties soaking wet (he’ll lick them after too, dawg).  So much in fact since our last blog post I can’t quite summarize them quickly here so be sure you are following TJ’s Kung-Fu insta action. A few I’d like to point out tho, is a wild owl piece, a twisted day of the dead half sleeve, and wicked aquatic piece (which seems to be some of his best work lately).  ON a more serious note, TJ also had a customer recently (former soldier) who wanted to honor his friends he lost while in the service–as a fellow veteran myself, stories and pieces like this (as seen above right) really are felt strongly. We salute you and all our fellow veterans served.

Traditional Beauty

Traditional Beauty

And on the Team Acid front, Lord Kenny commands all things furry to rise against the seas of douchery and rub out any fellow that chuckles at the sight of monkey haberdashery. If you think Game of Thrones is painful, step into Kenny kitchen where the beans don’t burn on the grill (unless it’s set above 400°F). It’s hard to understand logic in a backwards mind of the great, but a few samples from his labyrinth lately have been a skull/butterfly/spider, stay hungry, sea cow,  a black & grey snake,  beast death, cheeseburger in paradise, in pelican we trust, always mosey,  and a traditional beauty (as seen to left). Plenty of other stuff from more tattoos, artwork, and graffiti on Ken’s insta–so make sure you’re following to get the flavor of flav (Kenny stopped wearing clocks around his neck since it was hurting his back). Check out #teamacid on the social networks to get your snowball fix (and try half-spearmint, half-watermelon).



Papa Donn continues to crack the creative whip on us all, forcing us to push up daisies, then mow the imaginary lawn, all the while practicing scenes from 50 Shades of Gray . When he’s not applying ointment on TJ’s hemorrhoids, he’s chiseling his name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (they have some stars on St. Claude).  Nonetheless, having more fun than a bag of hamsters with a stapler he’s busting out hits with new projects like a hanya rib piece,  Shishi & Botan, dragon half-sleeve, and Shoki the Demon Queller. Continues to make progress on yet another dragon sleeve, Japanese fox backpiece, and a large koi & snake half-sleeve and side piece. Got some work finished like this rad sleeve of flowers and butterflies, peacock feathers, a menpo hand piece, and a amazing koi coverup (as seen above right). Make sure to check out #NOLAJapanese on social networks to a lot more of Donn’s work along with the rest of da shop (we create cool hashtags, if you’re caught using them, you will be shot!)

Dat about does it for this session. But, FEAR NOT! We’ll be coming atcha soon with some details on a new Tattooagogo event, ya heard?!

Before we leave ya, checkout Deadbolt’s mentor, Turbo, doing the ultimate breakdance sweep (Deadbolt performs this every Saturday at da shop, fa-free).

No parking, baby, No parking on the dance floor,
Lard Vader

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Back off Warchild, seriously.


We are the Ex-Presidents, and we need just a few moments of your time…

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, the Spring Equinox has arrived and with Old Man Winter screaming “Get off my lawn” we, the Tattooagogo crew, have something cooking so good you’ll think of warm baked cookies and sweet farts while driving down Airline Highway. So krank up the Tirefire (WARNING: this video may result in arrest) and let’s get this blog party started, Johnny Utah style—“Vaya con Dios, Brah.”

Papa Donn and TJ da Magnificent returned from their West Texas Tattoo Convention roadtrip, of course upon arriving  all hell froze over (literally), not that you’d expect anything less than a money shot on Cinemax. Yet, twas a kick-ass show, even with no cago en tu leche. Nonetheless, our San Angleo homies treated us great from Mariachi band entertainment to tattoos done-did on old podnas.

@inkdupshawdee666 she's a killer dynamite with a laser beam

@inkdupshawdee666 ‘s a Killer Queen Gunpowder, gelatine. Dynamite with a laser beam.

Well we’re movin’ on up, to the east side (well, actually we were there already) but with a NEW SHOP SHIRT! Psst, click on right stage–> as our shop model @inkdupshawdee666 salutes you (eye socket possession not included). Stop on by da shop for yours today, $20 in person, or $25 shipped with a sprinkle of unicorn dust via PayPal to info@tattooagogo.com.

BTW, wutcha think of da new blog format, brah? We double-dog DARE YOU!!! to comment below and give us feedback. Else we’ll have to send Deadbolt out to collect your head or $200 if you pass Go. Seriously, we hope you like dis, cuz we dew, and peer pressure is like those skid marks in yo droz dat won’t wash out.

"You want me so bad, its like acid in your mouth."

“You want me so bad, its like acid in your mouth.”

TJ has been busier than prunes & loose bowels, perfecting his Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique and has recently been cast as the new Morgus Presents. All the while still bustin’ out da jams to “I’m going be the most popular girl…” Yet, somewhere between Marrero (and his tent under the Pontchartrain Expressway), he’s managed to rock out a few beauts like a dutch clog boat, Jared’s eela wasp, feather, Nikki’s mandala, Johnny Cash piece, and a Sea-Bee tat from a year ago. He’s dreamy, like a wet dream, only wetter.

Shake ya ass, but watch yourself.

Our boy Kenny is putting the K back in Kool and the Gang taking #teamacid to new levels of the funkadelic (without the Mothership Connection). Ken is teaming up with @DefendNOLA for some gov’t secret, I could tell ya, but then you’d have to blow me & stuff.  J/k,–seriously, expect some merch of the 3rd kind in the near-distant future. Like the kind stuff you can compliment your Prada rags with, stay tuned…In the meantime, did you catch our write-up on our cross country cycling friend Mattie stop by da shop? She got a cool cog, and Ken’s other work as of late includes an awesome snake-girly piece on TJ’s main squeeze, completed okra/creole/tomatoes half sleeve, start on a UNICORN half sleeve, moon & scapes, and a 2001 Odyssey themed half sleeve!!!  Everybody knows that the Bird is the word.

Scott Allen for Prom King.

Scott Allen for Prom King.

Scott Allen continues to adjust to Tattooagogo knighthood of irregular drum beats or sounds of TJ having the squirts coming from the shop bathroom. The hits are climbing up Casey’s Top 40 even though he’s off air (I liked Rick Dees-Nuts better anyway).  Latest installments from Mr. Allen’s neighborhood is a swallow and keys piece (<—see left), a oyster, fleur-de-lis & swallow, paved with good intentions,  Veve for Baron Samedi, and a few others you’ll have to check his portfolio to see. And be on the lookout for more action shots on da insta and dat facebook cuz ya’ll know ya’ll like it. We stalk you too.

Chrys Brasi sleeps with the fishes.

Chrys Brasi sleeps with the fishes.

Bodhi Donn is leading our PBS Ex-Presidents Telathon with 17 backs scrubbed in three months – or anything to catch the perfect wave (cut me some slack, Point Break only had so many good lines). I could tell you more, but just know it’s hard work finding parking spots on Magazine Street on Sunday afternoons, worshiping the Dark Lord, and sometimes Hollie doesn’t cook dinner.  Nonetheless, Donn has begun some substantial projects with more in the queue. He recently finished Jared’s koi half-sleeve, got more work done on Dave’s back piece, put in some Texas cred at the convention, snake action, disappearing gecko (it’s only cool with a Aussie accent), and got a healed shot of a dragon-lotus sleeve. And within the last few days got some practice with lining to brushes. There are more things in the queue for the shop and all ya’ll too, so you’ll just have to sweat it out and stay tuned for more—you’ll be glad you did, we promise 😉

That about does it for this month’s edition, we hope all ya’ll are ready for summer and the fun in da sun dats a’cummin. Stop on by and tell us hello, or if far-reached, drop us a line here or there.

100% pure adrenaline (or just a Sith Lord of the 9th Ward),
Lard Vader


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